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  • Dear Sirs,

    As a philologist I am aware of the importance of the translation's
    accuracy and of translator's skills, as an economist I understand the
    financial and legal issues that I translate. I reckon that translator's
    qualifications contribute to the success of your undertakings.

    Thanks to a comprehensive education, professional experience
    gained in multinational companies and consultation with
    professionals from various fields of expertise I can offer you the
    highest level of translation services, both from linguistic and
    substantive perspective. By ensuring the highest level of services,
    I respect your time.

    Since 2004 I am professionally engaged in translation and
    interpreting from English and Spanish, including specialised
    translation and interpreting since 2007. I translate and interpret
    mainly legal and economic texts. Since 2013 I am a sworn translator
    of Spanish in Poland.

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Joanna Szczygielska
    Sworn translator and interpreter of Spanish in Poland
    Translator and interpreter of English


    Sworn translator and interpreter
    of Spanish in Poland entered in
    the list of sworn translators of
    the Minister of Justice TP/95/13

    Warsaw School of Economics -

    Warsaw University - Specialised
    Translation and Interpreting at
    the Faculty of Applied Linguistics

    Warsaw University -
    Iberoamerican Language and
    Culture (Spanish section) at the
    Faculty of Modern Languages

    Copyright by Mateusz Szczygielski

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